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5 Blogging Mistakes Most New Bloggers Make

Blogging Mistakes
Blogging Mistakes

5 Most Common Blogging Mistakes

When I joined blogging, I made some common Blogging Mistakes because I didn’t planned it well, I just decided I wanted to be blogger without proper planning and provision of good capital for myself.

I started by buying a domain, I didn’t had money on me because I was still little then, I used a free hosting and started my first wordpress site, which I called OLADIMEJIHUB. I knew not, that it wouldn’t last for more than a year.

Blogging Mistakes

I was happy when I launched it, Jumped on the most popular niche, that’s Entertainment Niche. To cut the long story short, One year passed and I wasn’t able to renew the domain, Still had no money.

Well, The reason I decided to write this article is that I don’t want other JJC bloggers to make the same mistake I and some other bloggers made. This article will guide you on what you need to do and what you don’t.

Blogging Mistakes

Below are the most common mistakes that most newbies make or are likely to make while on their early blogging career.

1. Never Use A Free Hosting

This is a particular mistake that costed me alot, free host will not only slow down your site but will also spoil it.

You might not understand what I mean. For bloggers who wants to use the Wordpress Platform which is the most common blogging platform, some, because of their financial situations resort to choosing a free hosting company and hosting their blogs on it.

Free hosting, in my own opinion, I see them as sites for practicing, or just using them to host a demo website.

Free hosting makes your blog load very slow, and that’s one reason why I lost many views on my then blog, sometimes the site will go off.

Free hosting also affects your websites Search Engine Optimization (SEO) I.e your website might not appear on search engines like you pictured it will.

So I advise all up and coming bloggers to kindly stay away from free hosting unless they wants to use it for testing something. It’s one of the most common Newbies bloggers mistakes
Newbies blogging mistakes

2. Choosing Niche

As I earlier said in the article that I rushed to join the Entertainment niche because many people are on it, that’s a niche mistake I made.

I love writing a lot, I could have gone for any writing niches but I didn’t.

I’m not the only one who makes the same mistake. My advise for newbies who wants to choose a niche is for them to look deep into themselves, think about what they love doing most and hat their hobby is.

Most bloggers open a blog about what they like doing most. For example if you are a great cricket fan, you can decide to start writing articles on cricket, cricket players, biography of cricket coaches Etc.

Another example is if you’re a writer, and you love writing stories, you can just open your own story book blog and entertain your visitors with stories of your own.

My point is that, don’t go for a niche you know nothing about, go for what you know!.

3. Choosing Of Domain

It’s super duper important for your domain to say little about what your blog does.

Okay, Let’s say you’re a sports blogger and your domain name is, It’s not making enough sense.

When people sees your domain, they’ll think “Maybe its his personal blog” , “Maybe he posts his feelings” All sorts of ideas will come in people’s minds but they won’t know it’s a sport blog unless they visits it.

But once you choose a domain name like, That is a very detail domain on what your blog does, who won’t know that it’s a sports blog then.

For example, a blogger friend of mine who posts banks stuffs, tutorials on bank accounts registration and sort of things about banks he chose Banks9ja.Com What a very beautiful domain!.

4. Not Working On Your Blog

You should never, I repeat, Never abandon your blog for any reason

Blogs are not meant to be abandoned at all, you’re meant to work and work on your blog every time, if you want your blog to be great!.

I’m a victim of almost all these blogging mistakes. There was a particular blog I used, Entertainment niche also. The blog was doing absolutely great in terms of SEO.

Not until I left it for a while, I was busy with exams then, I didn’t touch the blog for weeks. When I was through with exams, I noticed that my traffic reduced.

It affected my blog’s SEO big time. You should continuously work towards the betterment of your blog. Spend a lot of time on your blog and you’ll surely get positive results.

Blogging Mistakes

5. Plagiarism

A professional blogger shouldn’t plagiarize others content

Some uses their niche as excuse, Most especially the news bloggers. But I see no valid reason why they should plagiarize, there are many sources of news. Professional news bloggers should watch TV regularly and then form their own write up not plagiarize others.

Blogging Mistakes

Some Bloggers in other niches are also fond of copying and pasting, they’re simply stealing other people’s content and turning it to their own.

If you are not aware, you can get into a legal problem with the copying and pasting that you think it’s fun. When you copy a content and the real owner decides to sue you, you’ll be found guilty and you’ve to pay the price.

Again, I wouldn’t want Newbies to make the same mistake that I made so that it’s why I put forward this article Blogging Mistakes to guide you on what you’re not supposed to do in your blogging career, Thank You.


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