EtherFlix Review Is EtherFlix Legit

EtherFlix Review 2020: Is EtherFlix Legit Or Scam

EtherFlix Review

What is Etherflix About

Etherflix is a platform that promise you will get paid for all your clicks on Etherflix. Furthermore, you get 50% Cash back of your upgrade fee, on upgrade to a new level.

Additionally, they promise users 75% referral bonus on an upgraded account. fast cashout, daily withdrawals of all earnings and no withdrawal charges on upgraded accounts.

Now, are you convinced and ready to join? Please don’t say YES – There is a lot for you to read and know about and I will reveal more on my YouTube channel.

Etherflix Review

Etherflix is an online earning company that pays her partners daily. Etherflix is set to empower lots of Nigerians and reduce the unemployment population by over 20%, but I won’t allow anyone get convinced from hearing this alone, that’s what all usually promise.

  • Once you Sign up, you receive bonus of ₦1,000.
  • Clicking on videos earn you ₦50
  • Commenting on videos ₦30
  • Daily Login bonus is ₦100
  • You Earn ₦5 for your reactions on videos.
  • You Earn ₦50 for Sharing the Daily FlixTrend
  • And Earn ₦1,700 as an Elite member for inviting your friends, family and colleagues to our website.
  • Click and Subscribe to their YouTube channel and earn 100
  • N1,200 instant Cash/Airtime with every Etherflix Quiz winner.
  • Earn 500 for being the first to post any of the Flix trend

Etherflix Founder

While documenting this Etherflix review, I did my best to search and found no information on the founder of this platform.

I believe knowing the background record of a brand owner is a step forward into knowing how legitimate it is and the reputation of the Profile.

EtherFlix Review

Etherflix Referral Program

Etherflix pay all Affiliate Partners with the revenue that they generate. They also pay their Flixcoin earners from revenue generated from different companies placing their adverts on their website, also through Google Adsense and many more.

Is EtherFlix Legit

Etherflix Withdrawal

5% cash bonus on every withdrawals

minimum withdrawal (N3, 000). N50,000 cash package for top earners

Etherflix Sign up

Signup for ETHERFLIX with a onetime payment of N2,500 and join other users with a promise of getting paid daily. Once your account is Successfully Registered you will be able to redeem your N1000 bonus on your account.

EtherFlix Review

Etherflix Registration

Etherflix Registration cost nothing at all. But having the below information handy is a requirement.

  • Email Address
  • User Name
  • Phone Number
  • Password
  • Coupon Code

Etherflix Login

Before you have access to Etherflix login page, it’s obvious you must registered successfully.

To login Etherflix only the below is needed

  • User name
  • Password

Is Etherflix Legit

It will be very wrong of me to judge a platform not up to two months old as scam or proclaim them legit. However, this etherflix review isn’t far from many other platforms i have reviewed.

They always look promising with good features and crash towards end of the month, whereas some last for 3 months.

Is EtherFlix Legit

Is EtherFlix Scam

Is Etherflix Scam

On the basics of this Etherflix review, No one has reported it’s scam to me yet and due to number of logged files on my checklist, always share your opinion in the comments section.

This will help potential Investors or users of the platform from falling prey.

Likewise, don’t forget to also scroll down to check if there is any comment.

EtherFlix Review

Don’t be deceived by offers looking too good to be real, if it looks too good to be true, pay attention.

Check if the site has an active social presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

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