Honeygain Review 2020: Do they Really Pay?

What Is Honeygain?

Honeygain is an internet company that will take use of your idle internet connection for their network and in turn, pays you for it.This is a very great concept that works perfectly on any Windows devices, Mac devices, and also works on all smartphones and tablets.Honeygain is a registered international internet company and no matter the place you reside the company is going to pay you for using your idle internet connection.If you wish, ou can connect up to 5 different devices at once to your internet connection. The company strongly recommends that you use one device per IP address to get th best earnings possible.Honeygain can use up to 1.5gb per day, that depends on your internet speed.Honeygain ReviewThe amount of data usage each day will solely depend on your internet plan and your connection speed.The company uses not more than 10% of your available network bandwidth at a time.And because of that, the application can run in the background and you’ll keep earning money by sharing your network bandwidth with them.

How Does It Work?

  1. Click here to visit the website and create an account
  2. It is also possible to download the application for any Mac OS device or download the APK app for the Android devices.
  3. To sign up, they just need your email address, password, IP address and your payment method
  4. After signing up, you’d receive a bonus of $5.
  5. After Installing the app, you can now configure it, there, you’ll decide what amount of your internet you want to share with them.
  6. The application will never use more than 10% of your available data plan at any given time. This means the app runs in the background so you won’t see an abnormal decline in your internet connection speed.
  7. You are paid for each KB of data honeygain uses from your data plan.
  8. If you want to use your full data plan, you can turn off the application.
  9. You have the option to leave your computer running 24/7 and share your data plan with the company.

Is This Safe?

  1. Honeygain ensures that all your personal data is safe at all times.
  2. The company does not keep any of your personal data on their servers. The only data that are kept is necessary for their services. The company must store your email address, your IP address, how much traffic you generate per month, and how you want to be paid for the traffic you’ve shared.
  3. You have all the options available to you to select how much of your data plan the company can use each day.
  4. It is possible to turn off the data sharing on any device at any time.
  5. The company says that you can expect 2GB per day usage or up to 15GB per day depending on your internet connection speed.
  6. Each person who shares their data usage with the company will not be affected in their daily work. The company will only use a maximum of 10 of your available network bandwidth.

Honeygain review

How Much Can You Earn?

  1. Your earnings are calculated by the number of devices the app is installed on and how much-unused data you have available.
  2. The company pays for every KB of data that you share with them.
  3. The company uses an online calculator to help you determine you’re earning based on the number of hours your devices are connected and you share your data.
  4. It is possible to earn up to $50 a month for sharing your data. However, you must share the data for 720 hours in a month to earn the $50. This means that you must have the app connected for 24 hours a day.
  5. The app runs in the background so it is easy to accumulate money each day your computer is connected to a network.

Pros and Cons


  1. The Installation of the app is very easy
  2. The dashboard is easy and self explanatory
  3. If you don’t understand anything, it’s easy to contact the company.
  4. The application is safe on all devices.


  1. This app can eat up your data a lot if you use a limited data plan
  2. It can consume up to 8% of your mobile phone’s battery for running in the background.
  3. If you turn off the app, you earn less money and if you did not turn it on for 6 months, the company will delete your account for non use.

How Are You Paid?

  1. You earn honeygain credits in your account for sharing your data with them
  2. Every 10 credits in your account equals $0.01.
  3. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $20
  4. The company only pays by PayPal.
  5. It will take 24 hours to process your payment and receive the money in your PayPal account.

Honeygain Review (ReviewMr’s Verdict)

Honeygain is a very legitimate way to make money online. And when I say legitimate, I mean, it pays!.

However, it’s more like a give and take situation for you especially if you use a limited data plan as it’d consume a lot of your data.It’s more preferable to use a PC and have a lot of data!. I strongly recommend honeygain.The picture above shows how legit honeygain is, a whooping 666 reviews on trustpilot with an average review of 4 stars.

This Honeygain Review isn’t a sponsored post. It’s written to make people know if it’s legit or scam.

Honeygain Review.

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