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LearnDash Review: Is the Plug-in really worth your money?

LearnDash Review

In today’s world, where learning has gotten more easier and digital, hundreds of people are creating their own websites to teach others what they know.

LearnDash is a LMS, a Learning Management System. It’s a Premium WordPress Plug-in capable of turning your website into a digital school like Udemy.

Udemy, as we know, is where buying and selling of thousands of courses takes place. If you’re planning on creating a similar website, then I’d suggest you to use LearnDash LMS.

LearnDash Pricing

LearnDash is a premium WordPress plugin, and there are three different options for making a purchase:

Basic Package

The Basic package is $159 for access to all features except for ProPanel, and it can only be used on one website

Plus Package

The Plus Package is $189 and it grants access to all features including ProPanel, and can be used on ten websites.

Pro Package

The Pro Package is $329, grants access to all features including ProPanel, and enables use on 25 websites.

These prices include one year of access to plugin updates and support, and your license will be automatically renewed annually unless you cancel your subscription. LearnDash Review.

Purchases are covered by a 30-day is money-back guarantee that allows you to try LearnDash risk-free.

LearnDash Features

LearnDash has several features, making it to beat several competitors like LearnPress, Sensei, E. T. C.

Creating Courses

LearnDash Review
Creating a Course in LearnDash

Creating a course on LearnDash is exceptionally easy. Plus LearnDash has a drag and drop feature to perfectly create your course.

Courses created on LearnDash may be made free or Paid, depending on what the creator wants.

Selling Courses

LearnDash Review
A course been sold

When you’ve a good course ready for people to learn and you also want to make money from it, you might consider selling them. That’s what Udemy is all about right?

Selling courses have never been easier, with the LearnDash Plugin, all you’ve to do is create your course and assign a particular price for it. LearnDash Review.

After assignation of price and the course published, the course will be available on the designated page and when people pays, the course will automatically be available for them to access.

Adding Several Lessons to Your Course

LearnDash Review
Creating several lessons

You wouldn’t want to bombard an entire page with the whole of the content in your course.

Courses should be treated more like Textbooks, Break them into sections and then create lessons in the sections. LearnDash Review.

LearnDash course builder makes it very easy to add lessons to the different sections of your course.

Creating Quizes And Assignments

To make sure those taking your courses understand it, After every section of your course, you can add a quiz.

Well, as a matter of fact, I’ll advise you add quizzes after every section. Why? Those taking your courses will have to read it well in order to pass the quizzes and when they answer each quizzes it automatically prepares the reports of how they did well on the course! Amazing right?

You can also add assignments after each sections or lessons in your course. What else do you need from an LMS plugin?

‘Become An Instructor’

LearnDash Review
Instructor Dashboard

People who have the interest in posting their own courses, either to sell it or free can also register on your website ‘as an instructor’. LearnDash Review

Meaning that several people can register as instructor on your website and then start sharing their own courses, they’ll be provided with a special dashboard which is easy to navigate.

User Dashboard

Learndash review
User Dashboard

The LearnDash User Dashboard otherwise known as the student dashboard is a very detailed one.

It shows all the courses which you’ve enrolled for, Shows your progress and you can also search for a course for easy access.

It also show your quizzes, how you did well in them and also your certificates for the completed courses.


Upon completion of a course, LearnDash Generates a Certificate to ascertain and certify the completion of that course.

Almost everyone shows off his or her certicate after completing a course. LearnDash ensures that the feature is well implemented. LearnDash Review.

Multiple Payment Methods

You can use different Payment Methods in case you want to sell your courses. Most people use PayPal And Stripe as their payment gateway. There are other several payment gateways that can be enabled

I strongly advise the integration of Woocommerce with LearnDash to enable easy and swift checkout!.

Importance Of LearnDash

Easy setup of user registration

Course, lesson, and quiz-based prerequisites

Private or public forum for students

Gradebook that syncs with LearnDash quiz and assignments and also manual grading

Course completion bonus points

Custom certificates and badges

Ability to create and sell course bundles

Ability to create a course marketplace like Udemy

Automatic email triggers for students

Multi-site enabled


For me, LearnDash Is the most complete LMS plug-in. You might think it’s too costly but as we all know. There’s a little price to pay for salvation. The price totally worth it!.


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