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Top 7 Skills To Make Money Online 2020

skills to make money online 2020SKILLS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE 2020

Skills To Make Money Online 2020 . 

There are thousands of ways to make legit money online in this era we are, and some of them require you being skillful and tactical.

Many people today earn a living by working online FULLTIME. I must be sincere with you guys, to earn money online is not an easy task. It takes time and effort to finally be able to earn thousands of dollars online.

Some do full time freelancing and they make good money with it while some have other things that they do.

So, in this article, I’ll be showing you some skills that you can acquire in order to make money online 2020. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get started.

1. Writing Skills

The most lucrative skill or the most preferable skill you can acquire to make money online in 2020  is your writing skills.

Thousands of people or hundreds of organizations/magazines need writers to write for them and they give them handsome amount of money in return.

Now i know the question that might be bothering you is How can i make money online with my writing skills?. I’ll satisfy your curiosity by answering your question.

There are many ways of earning online with your writing skills one of which is writing for a blog. What do i mean? Not all bloggers know how to give their readers what they want, I mean not all bloggers can write articles well.

You can just get hired by one or even many of these bloggers after showcasing your writing skills to them, maybe on freelancing platforms like fiverr  and if they like your writing skill, you might just get hired as their personal writer while they pay you handsomely.

You can also be a REVIEW WRITER. As in you can be paid to write mind-blowing reviews about products, that will not only convince people to buy the products but will also increase the sales of the product.



2. Graphics Designing Skills

Oh Yes, Graphics designers earn cool money online. Graphics designing skills is a very lucrative way to make money online 2020.

There are many request of Logo designing by Companies or Brands who wants beautiful logos to captivate the hearts of their consumers or customers.

I noticed an increase in the rate of Graphics designers, taking many others in 2018 and it has surely increased again. Graphics designers are paid really well for designing logos, music artworks, flyers, banners E.T.C. They are very useful in BRANDING.

Graphics designing is one of the most needed services in freelancing platforms like upwork and fiverr.

If you are very vast in Graphics designing, You have high chances of making money online especially when you are hired by a big company that is willing to pay you well.

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3. Blogging Skills/Web Development

Blogging is just just a skill but a career. We have about 1.8 billion websites in the world today, indicating that many people have ventured into the blogging business.

Bloggers that know what they are doing earn a good amount of money online. Blogging is not an easy task but if you manage to acquire the skill, you have chances of making money online with it.

Bloggers earn through many ways one of which is through Google Adsense.

Another way that bloggers can earn money online is When they are paid to advertise some content or products on their blog.

Also, Entertainment bloggers can earn money by helping upcoming artists to promote their music online and they get paid for it. There are series of ways bloggers earn money online, the above are just some of them.

Web development is the act or practice of developing or making/creating websites from scratch.

Web developers are hired by organizations, companies or individuals for them to design or develop a website for them. Web developers are paid well if they know what they are doing.


4. SEO Skills

This particular skill, S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most needed services on FIVERR.

If you have the skill, it means you can be able to make people’s websites appear very frequently on search engines especially google. Website owners and bloggers wants their blogs and websites to do well on search engines for them to get a good amount of traffics.

Sellers on FIVERR are ready to pay a huge amount of money to get this done. As per what i know, some sellers on Fiverr are providing this service for like $170. Isn’t that amazing?. Well, you can earn as high as that if you are very good in SEO.


5. Social Media Management

Alot of people are so busy that they can not manage their social media handles, most especially their business social media pages.

If you are well experienced and learned in this field, you can earn money with it.

The person who needs you to handle his social media account might just pay you for a month, provide you with things you need to be posting and you are good to go.

Mind you, most of them would want you to run ads on them, e.g on their facebook and instagram pages, the money that will be used for the ads will be specially provided by them.

skills to make money online 2020

6. Affiliate Marketing

This skill is mainly for those that have websites or blogs. It simply means marketing some products or advertising them on your blog.

When people purchase products by clicking on the affiliate ads they see on your blog, there is a particular amount of money that you earn.

You might think this is easy but I bet you, it is not something you should rush into. It requires special knowledge and strategies of marketing that you should know else, you might end up quitting it. That’s why you have to learn the skill if you want to make money online with it.

7.  APP Development Skills

The last on my list is App development Skill, App developers are those geniuses that create applications from scratch and upload it on app stores like google play store if they want to.

App developers are paid well by those who need it the app. App development requires a wide knowledge of programming. It’s not a child’s play.

Some apps developers charge as high as $1000 or more, in fact, some charge more than $2000 for designing application.


Well, this is my list for the top 7 Skills to make money online 2020. I hope you can be able to utilize your skills and turn it to an income machine for yourself.



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