Techng app review

TechNg App Review: What can the Mobile App do?

Techng app reviewTechng App Review

Techng App Download

Techng Mobile App is a technology-posts-based application. Techng App is a Sub part of the Techng website, where tutorials, reviews and technological articles are posted. The Techng App was created by by the founder of Techng Inc. It was created to bring the visitors of Techng Closer together Techng App review


1. User Registration: When you open the application at first, you’ll be asked to login/Create your account such that you’ve your own personal profile. The registration is as easy as ABC.

2. Read posts from the Website: When you download the application, you don’t need to go to your browser and type to access the blog posts. The blog posts has been embedded on the application and you’ll get notifications of new posts. Techng App Download

3. Private Messaging Feature: Users of the Application can as well message their selves privately, which can’t be seen be any other person aside from them.

4. Group Messaging Feature: All the users of the application can Also chat together in one place to make the App lively and fun

5. Users can Post with auto approval: The best part is, Users of the application are chanced to post any tech related article on the app with instant approval of the posts provided that the post follows the terms and conditions of the application

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