Ultimate Affiliate Pro: The All in One Affiliate Plugin

ultimate affiliate pro review
ultimate affiliate pro review

ultimate affiliate pro review

In the world of scripts and plugins, we’ve all witnessed incredible developers, producing fantastic plugins and scripts. Ultimate Affiliate Pro, a one of a kind premium plugin that completely turns your wordpress website to An affiliate website.
Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin can be purchased on CodeCanyon for just $59.
How does it work?
Is it Okay to spend $59 to purchase it?
Will I regret buying?
Find out.

I, as a frequent wordpress user, most times browsed the plugin sections to find a suitable affiliate plugins, I tried Affiliates and AffiliatesWP. But none worked to my satisfaction. So I researched and found about UAP, I bought it and put it into test and I loved what I saw.
The plugin is the best Affiliate plugin, After installation, the pages are already designed for you, the only thing you need to do is change some settings to suit what you want.


YES!!!. It totally worth the $59 price tag, for me, it worths even more. The features are just too good and amazing


1. Cost Per Click Feature: When I say cost per click, some might not understand what I mean by that, this feature works same way you get paid for placing a Google Adsense ads on your blog and when people click, you earn certain amount of money. This feature is in the almighty UAP, you can just turn your site to an advertisement website similar to Google Adsense with it. It also Has CPM feature, meaning, Cost Per Mile (1000 impressions)

2. Custom Currencies: If you don’t want to use the universal dollar currency for your affiliate site, and the currency you intended on using isn’t among the available currencies, then this feature comes to play, you can create your custom currency, putting its name and also its symbol and then saving it.

3. Rank Feature: There are two default rank features in the UAP plugin, first is the basic rank which is the default for all rank for all new sign ups. And the second is the premium rank which users can achieve when they refer up to 1000 members which will lead to increased referral earning for them. The settings can be altered/Changed as you wish.

4. Superb Dashboard: The UAP plugin has the best user dashboard you could wish for, the tabs are well designed and arranged, users can upload a cover photo, check their referral history, check those who signed up using their links, request for withdrawal of their earned money and create a banner to place on their blog to gain more referrals.

5. Top Affiliates: You can use this feature to create a page which will display the top referrers and affiliates of your website, thereby challenging affiliates of the website to want to meet up with the Number one affiliate, which makes your website grown even more.

6. Automatic payment to Affiliates The best feature of the UAP plugin is the ability to set up automatic payment to users using PayPal and skrill. This way, they’ll able to withdraw the money they earned automatically without you having to pay them manually which will waste time and energy.


The above listed features aren’t the only feature in Ultimate affiliate pro plugin, there are still about 20 more vital features. To purchase this plugin or view the demo to know more about it kindly search for it in Google.
If you’re aspiring to build an affiliate website, then UAP is the right plugin for you, in case you have any problem with the setting up, you can comment or contact me, I’ll be there to help you out. Thank you. THEFRESHREVIEW


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