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Why You Need Professional Facebook Business Page


Why You Need Professional Facebook Business Page

Why You Need Professional Facebook Business Page

What you’ll know after this article

1. What is a facebook page
2. How do I create a facebook page
3. Why do I need a professional facebook business page
4. How do I grow my business page.


A facebook page, in my own understanding is just like a blog, embedded in facebook which everyone has the chance to create theirs. There are billions of facebook pages created by different users of facebook. Facebook pages are used to post anything of your choice, it’s your page, it’s your rule, except for posts that violate the facebook community standard. Facebook pages are great platform to gain unimaginable audience that you can’t possibly physically get. Musicians have their facebook page to reach their fans and post about anything they wish to. Footballers have their facebook pages, Wrestlers have facebook pages, Almost every individual on facebook has their own facebook page which they created for specific purposes. Companies and Businesses have facebook pages to showcase their products and businesses, to reach wider audience and generate sales and profits.

Why You Need Professional Facebook Business Page?


You can create your own facebook page by using the facebook application or the Facebook lite application or using the mobile FACEBOOK IN THE BROWSER. Go to your menu, pages, create new page. Then you’ve to choose if you want to create a personal page or a business page. And in this case, we’re discussing about businesses so you’ve to choose business page. Then you’ll select a category of the kind of business that you do. Then enter the name of the page you want, If your business name is Olaiya Furnitures. It is preferable to enter exactly that name. Then you’ve to upload a cover photo and profile photo of the page, as a business owner, it’s sure that you would have a good graphic designed particularly for your business, upload it and then create it. Now you’ve to set up your page by putting the description, a contact button for people to easily contact you or a message button, then set your page @username, just put olaiyafurnitures so that when people search for olaiyafurnitures, your page will display among the first results. After setting up the necessities, the next thing you’ll need is posting what you do and advertising it.

Why You Need Professional Facebook Business Page

It is very important that you’ve a business page, a professional one at that. Let’s take a look at some reasons below.

1. To make your business popular on social media: It’s important to evolve, to move with the flow, almost every elite business nowadays has facebook pages why?, Because they doesn’t want to limit their customers to only those around the location of their business, they want to make it known to everyone around the globe.

2. To Reach Wider Audience: Facebook has about 1.2billion registered members, imagine that, if you create a business page for your business and you advertise your business on facebook, you’ll generate a lot of audience, thereby having more and more customers. You can also run facebook paid Sponsored advertisement, where you pay certain amount of money to advertise, the advertisement will appear on the users news feed and when it captivates them, they’ll click on it. Leading to your page or your website.

3. Reaching Out to Your Customers Easily.: When you have a professional facebook business page, you can easily reach out to customers, attend to them easily and answering the questions that are bothering them. Not only that, you’ll be able to notify them of the new products that you’ve and the new services you’re rendering without having to physically make posters concerning it.

4. Getting to know if your customers are satisfied with your products and services: One thing about facebook and other social media users is that, there are critics among them, that aside. When you have your business page and you post about a product. Your customers or consumers who liked the products will give their positive review on it, by commenting positively, and if they aren’t satisfied, they’ll also comment and you’ll know what to fix.

Why You Need Professional Facebook Business Page


Growing an ordinary page isn’t easy, not to talk of growing a business page.
You can:

1. Run Facebook Adverts: As earlier explained above that you can run sponsored adverts which will be displayed on the news feed of the facebook users. OR

2. Sharing the page on facebook groups: You can handle the advertisement yourself by joining groups with many members, like 1million + members. Then write a captivating post on your business, what you do and share the page. The result will make you do it even more.

I hope now, you understand Why You Need Professional Facebook Business Page


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